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  • Sustaining Our Digital Future

    “Sustaining Our Digital Future” is both an assessment of the university environment as a host for digital content and an exploratory look at how cultural heritage institutions think about and plan for sustaining and enhancing the value of their digital collections.

  • Electronic lexicography: what a difference a quarter-century makes — or does it?

    The (pre)history of electronic lexicography -- those dark ages before the Internet, Twitter and Justin Bieber shook us to the core -- still have a lot to teach us: not only about how far we have come, but also about how far we still have to go.

  • Beyond encoding (& chocolates): the specters of TEI 2011

    At least two topics -- really, two specters -- haunted & taunted me during the TEI Conference in Würzburg while complementing and antagonizing each other: the specter of social editions and the specter of asocial tools.

  • The Cost of Digitizing Europe's Cultural Heritage

    The purpose of this study has been to conduct a thorough investigation of the costs associated with digitising different types of material in different types of cultural heritage institutions. The objective has been to arrive at a set of reasonable projected costs for the digitisation of Europe’s cultural heritage.

  • #alt-academy

    #alt-academy takes a grass-roots, bottom-up, publish-then-filter approach to community-building and networked scholarly communication around the theme of unconventional or alternative academic careers.

  • Information Practices in the Humanities

    The Research Information Network has completed a second series of case studies to provide a detailed analysis of how humanities’ researchers discover, use, create and manage their information resources.

  • Digital Preservation

    After a decade of working on a national strategy to collect, preserve and make available significant digital content  for current and future generations, the Library of Congress has released "Preserving Our Digital Heritage: The National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program 2010 Report" (PDF).

  • Impact: Improving access to text

    IMPACT aims to significantly improve access to historical text and to take away the barriers that stand in the way of the mass digitisation of the European cultural heritage.

  • Pleiades

    Pleiades gives scholars, students, and enthusiasts worldwide the ability to use, create, and share historical geographic information about the Greek and Roman World in digital form.

  • The New Renaissance: Europe's Cultural Heritage Online

    For centuries, libraries, archives and museums from across Europe have been the custodians of our rich and diverse cultural heritage. Digitalization breathes new life into material from the past, and turns it into a formidable asset for the individual user and an important building block of the digital economy.

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